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From the first sketch to the last brick laid, each step in our design build process is engineered for you. Our team of talented architects, designers, and builders collaborate closely to deliver a smooth and delightful experience. We manage every step of the building process in-house, promising efficient communication, meticulous attention to every detail, and an experience so enjoyable, you’ll want to do it again.

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A process that’s truly turnkey

Choosing the best lot

The journey begins with selecting the ideal lot for your dream build. Whether you own a lot or are still weighing your options, our team will join you in exploring potential sites and selecting the right fit. We walk the home sites with you and carefully consider the topography as well as conditions lying under the surface.

The goal? To save you from unforeseen costs. We’re thorough because we know that a seemingly cost-effective lot can often lead to higher expenses due to poor terrain or other hidden factors.

By performing a lot analysis, we are usually able to save our clients thousands of dollars and help them find a home site that is well-matched to their home design and lifestyle.

Step 1

Mapping your lifestyle

Now’s the time to dream big. After the perfect lot is selected, we dive deep to understand you and your lifestyle so we can turn your dream home into a detailed, build-ready blueprint.

Do you have children? Pets? Who wakes up first? Questions like these kickstart the discovery phase of our planning process. It’s not just about building a house; it’s about crafting your sanctuary. Whether it’s ensuring quiet mornings for early risers, designing fur-friendly spaces, or creating kid-friendly environments, every detail is about adapting to your rhythm of life.

We focus on what matters most to you. Your routines, your preferences, your dreams – they guide our design.

Step 2

Maximizing your investment

After the design plans accurately reflect your unique vision, we’ll break down the associated costs involved in bringing each element of your dream home to life.

With this comprehensive proposal, you’ll have a clear understanding of the investment required for each part of your home. If the initial proposal exceeds your budget expectations, we’ll explore areas to adjust, so the final design aligns not only with your style but also within your financial means.

Step 3

Getting the green light

With the proposal set and your dream clearly outlined, the next step is to make it official. We’ll provide you with a contract agreement that encapsulates all the details we’ve discussed. Signing this agreement is more than just a formality; it’s the green light for us to schedule your build and secure a start date.

We know how stressful the financing component can be— that’s why we’re here to help.

Our team will guide you through the financing process and connect you with our network of preferred lenders. We’ll assist in finding the best financing option that suits your specific needs.

Step 4

Customizing your vision

Here, you’ll get to choose everything that makes a house uniquely yours, from refined countertops and tailored cabinetry to distinctive trim colors, flooring, and light fixtures.

Our Selections Coordinator is here to navigate this exciting journey with you. She’ll accompany you to vendor showrooms, help review samples, and most importantly – keep you on track with the designated budget and timeline. All selections and associated costs will be trackable and changeable any time in our project management tool, Buildertrend.
With seemingly endless customization capabilities, we’ll be here to offer our expertise and guidance every step of the way.
Step 5

Building your dream

From site preparation to the final touches, our approach is designed to keep you connected and informed at every step.

From site preparation to the final touches, our approach is designed to keep you connected and informed at every step. With Buildertrend, you’ll have a detailed view of the build progress. We also install cameras on-site for maximum security.

Our project managers, who are on-site daily, are always available to meet with you and discuss the development. They oversee everything from staking out the house and clearing trees to foundational work and beyond. While some stages, like framing, are hands-off for safety, we’ll make sure you’re never out of the loop.
Step 6

Handing you the keys

Home, at last! The final step in any build includes site cleanup, systems training, final inspections and move-in coordination.
Our team will perform a final walkthrough, introducing you to your home’s features and operations, as well as conduct a deep inspection to ensure everything exceeds your expectations.
Our dedication to your satisfaction extends far beyond your move-in day. Unlike other builders who might delay addressing concerns, we take a different approach– we stand by the exceptional quality of our craftsmanship, offering support not just at move-in but for a full year after.
Step 7
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Specializing in landscape architecture, civil engineering, urban design, master planning, and land planning, Longitude Planning Group is redefining the design build experience in Moore County. 

Their talented team works with a variety of builders across the area, bringing their specialized planning and execution skills to a diverse range of construction projects.

At Latitude Builders, we are both delighted and privileged to partner with Longitude Planning Group, elevating the custom build experience for our clients.

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