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Shortly after college, Tyler began his career in construction and gained experience in both commercial and residential. One of the things he enjoyed most was the customer service and relations side of the business, especially when building custom homes. He began to see when he had an established relationship with the client, he understood their vision more fully and was able to execute creatively in order to make their dream a reality.

In 2019, Tyler and Emily decided this epiphany was the beginning of something new. To merge his craft with relationship building only seemed natural. They had dreamed of always creating something of their own– a job that you enjoyed, surrounded by people you enjoyed, a creative outlet that was more than just providing for the family, but would allow them to thrive. The ultimate dream-job. With this, the idea of Latitude Builders began to blossom. The namesake was to always be moving forward, inspired to go your own direction and staying the course. The name became more than just a goal– but a way of life.

In 2019, just a month before their second child was due, Tyler and Emily took the leap that began this new journey. Today, Latitude Builders is a thriving business that is expanding more each year in both sales and team growth.

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