Building a Custom Home in Pinehurst, NC: A Guide


Known for its award-winning golf experience, family-friendly atmosphere, and thriving downtown village filled with boutique eateries and shops, it comes as no surprise that many individuals across the country are flocking to Pinehurst to build their dream home.


Considering building a custom home in Pinehurst NC? Stay tuned, this guide was written just for you. We’ll cover everything you need to know before partnering with a home builder; from selecting the perfect lot to designing your home.

Understanding the Custom Home Building Process in Pinehurst

The decision to build your own custom home can be emotional, to say the least. It creates an array of emotions; excitement, nervousness, impatience, gratitude (you get the point). Understanding the process of building a custom home is crucial when setting the right expectations. Here are a few critical things to consider:

Setting the right timeline

It’s best to have realistic expectations for a move-in date when building your custom home. With architectural house plans in-hand, it’ll be at least one year from the day construction starts. If you don’t yet have home designs, you can add at least another 6-12 months until you’re move-in ready. At this point you may be asking yourself, “at least 2 YEARS..? What’s the hold up?”


Building a custom home is a double-edged sword, as the possibilities are endless. It’s what makes the experience so fun and exciting, yet the sheer volume of decisions you make can feel overwhelming. The time it takes to decide several home features, from neighborhoods to custom selections, can significantly change the timeline to completion.


Timeline recap:

– I do not yet have house plans: 18-24 months until move-in

– I have house plans: 12-16 months until move-in

– I want to work with an esteemed builder: 24-36 months until move-in (most reputable builders will have a waitlist of 8+ months.)

Setting your budget

An established budget sets the stage for all subsequent decisions, including lot selection, Square Footage, and design preferences. We cannot understate the importance of selecting the right builder that will honor your budget. You’re not just choosing a builder, you’re committing to a 1-2 year long partnership with someone you trust, ensuring every detail aligns not only with your vision but also your financial parameters. Below is a summarized list of the most crucial costs to consider:


Lot selection: The cost of purchasing the land on which the home will be built. This varies widely based on neighborhood, size, and other factors such as topography.

Design and Architectural fees: Payments for the services of architects, interior designers, and possibly landscape architects who will design the home according to your preferences.

Construction costs: The bulk of the budget, including…

Materials: High quality, luxury materials come with a higher cost. This covers everything from lumber and concrete to high-end finishes like marble or custom wood trim.

Labor: Payments for skilled labor including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other specialized trades.

GC Fee: The general contractor’s fee for managing construction.

Selecting your lot

The choice of lot significantly influences the design and functionality of your custom home. Factors to consider include the neighborhood’s character, lot size, cost, and the local municipality’s zoning laws and building regulations. Latitude Builders recommends selecting a lot that not only meets your aesthetic and lifestyle needs but also aligns with your budget and legal requirements for construction.


The physical characteristics of your lot (topography, slope, drainage) must be feasible with your home’s structure and design. Want a crawl space? A walk-out basement with a spacious patio? The landscape of your lot can drastically affect what’s possible for your build. We know from experience that a seemingly cost-effective lot can lead to higher expenses due to hidden factors. We often save our clients a hefty amount by performing a lot analysis prior to the purchase of their lot.


Choosing the right neighborhood should be a primary focus for those looking to build in Pinehurst. There are several prestigious neighborhoods throughout Pinehurst to consider, including Forest Creek, Country Club of NC, and Fairwoods on 7.

Latitude Builders has extensive experience in constructing luxury homes throughout these communities. We are confident in our ability to match your lifestyle preferences and budget with the ideal area for you.

Assembling the right team

A seamless collaboration between the homeowner, architect, and builder is vital for success. The architect brings your vision to paper, while the builder turns these blueprints into reality.

You have a couple of options when it comes to selecting an architect and builder for your project. The first option is to find them separately. The other option is to partner with a design-build firm. Design-build firms offer the best of both worlds, as they manage the planning, design, and construction of the entire project.

Whether you opt for individual professionals or a design-build firm like Latitude Builders, the goal is to find a team that thoroughly understands your vision, communicates effectively, and possesses the necessary skills and experience. With the right team, the process of creating your custom home can be as fulfilling as the final outcome.


Consider the following when choosing your builder:

Experience and Reputation: Choose a builder with a proven track record in Pinehurst. Latitude Builders, known for their quality craftsmanship and personalized service, is a prime example.

Communication: A builder who listens and communicates effectively will ensure your vision is accurately realized.

Transparency: Look for builders who are transparent about costs, timelines, and processes. This trust is crucial for a successful partnership.

Optional: Partnering with an interior designer


Lastly, while an interior designer is optional for building your dream home, it can certainly save you from additional stress and headaches when it comes to designing. As previously stated,  there are many decisions to make when customizing your home, and most of these come in the form of features and selections. An interior designer can drastically help you pair styles, colors, and features together, lending their expertise and saving time in the process.


Building a custom home in Pinehurst, NC, is more than just a construction project; it’s an opportunity to create a personalized space that reflects your lifestyle, preferences, and dreams. If you’d like even more information on the build process, we invite you to head over to our resources page and download our 2024 Custom Home Builder’s Guide


Happy building!